by Yonsei

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Griffin Trapp all the right vibes, when and where you need them - not, however, for the faint of heart. Heavy Rips is a whirlwind of powerful rock music covering topics like love, loss, e-ciggarettes and much in between. Favorite track: Float.
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Recorded at Josiah & Jeremy's house in St. Louis, Missouri
Engineered by Ryan Wasoba at Bird Cloud Recordings in Edwardsville, Illinois

Mr. Perjak made the painting


released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Yonsei Saint Louis, Missouri

aaron - guitar/voice
john - bass
zach - drums

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Track Name: East Coast Business Trip
East coast business trip there were a lot of things that we left unfinished staring at laxatives in Krogers or whatever is the equivalent in Philadelphia
Seven days of staying lit some days I woke up and I didn't even want it but I'd do anything to keep up with the city kids except for whatever they were stuffing up their nose you know I don't like those bad drugs

Seven days of business with the boys when I left they fell to leisure in the city you can fill a void if you choose to dive right into it you know you wanna

You know you wanna love and be loved by every body hell yeah you do before I got on the plane I knew I should of said something to you: "hey slugger you gotta promise me you won't wear out those arms.."

..and all your finances you're gonna need another job to supplement all of your leisure and the crowd that you're fucking with it will not always be easy but you know that now you're back in business
Track Name: Yankee
Curse my mother's name from the grids of the sea and two islands on the other side I don't drink milk with tea I am a yankee boy now and I traded brill for catfish you can't set sail in the midwest

I fucked my father's name I'm not the number one son I am not an IQ test worked at a sushi place I was the only Nippon and they put me on dishes all against their best interest

Well I don't like sushi anyways and my name is just a name ok try my best to save face cradled in the red states

Married to the West my loverly beast where I am swimming in opportunity and calories precious is the East they will crumble upon the marching of our cavalry my distinction's a commodity

Hiroshima was a foil for a Ben Affleck Teen-Choice Award try my best to save face I could pass as white any day

Grandma I am sorry but the dynasty is closing in its grip on me if I went home they'd cast me out and I don't wanna shave my beard Japanese girls don't like beards

Hey mama I'm a yankee now!
Track Name: Puke (Radio Edit)
Feeling pretty empty so I drank from the cup it made a ball in my stomach so I threw it back up it repelled of the water and onto my jeans since I moved to the city I cannot stay clean

Puke on you, I'm gonna..

And when we go out I just follow your trails of whiskey-waters cheap lager cheap ales I try to stay quiet cause its better that way and the margin of error gets smaller each day

Puke on you, Im gonna..

Theres a glaze in my eyes theres a hole in my head I've convinced you to think I am not dead yet

Puke on you, Im gonna..
Track Name: Float
Finished laid out in our nest mother bird and little worm in a pile of sweat and in the moment we're glad we met and other times we're really not sure yet

You don't need those dancing shoes you just float on any floor beneath you and as you float I head to the sink you really helped me get up off my feet

We receive and we repeat and then we wash the seed away my ride is here I have to go I'm sorry but I cannot stay

Get on my feet get check on my feed and put my favorite sweater on put on the pot ground up some beans and now our glowing moment's gone
Track Name: Apple (Graveyard Mix)
Summer of 2013 I met up with my eskimo brother he sat in the front yard with me with two Tecates and two hits in tin foil premise is always the same he brings chemicals I don't bring a brain so we got on our bikes and we rode away when under a bridge he presented an apple I had never felt so thankful to receive an apple in my life

He said it fell from an apple tree I thought no shit don't quit while you're ahead but the acid got the best of me have I ingested an organ of god is this all a performance or what it seems my body's just along for the ride

My body's just along for the ride my eyes adjust to all of the sights my lungs are shaky hardly inflating my heart is ticking down its time my dick is enjoying the ride
Track Name: Haircut
I saw this band last night they were real fucking loud I didn't love it it was alright alright now the bass player was a semi-tone out of tune but he had the best haircut in the room
Track Name: S.F.A.D.
Wonder what it'd be like to be Sean for just a day could I adjust to feel the weight of the world on my brain skinny living free drink cream soda watch TV then proceed to write a loner odyssey now if I could just get a pair of pants that fit me real good

Yeah I'd love to be in the shoes of a Sean for a day write a library of songs and then throw them away yeah I'm strumming on my five-string like a nihilist babe but you heathenous idiots I'm a devious miscreant yeah you heathenous idiots all fall for my beat

Yes I'd love to be a Sean for a day I woke up I felt the vibe invite my demons in to stay yes I'd love to be a Sean for a day but only for a day
Track Name: Hole
Aint got no shame anymore now I'm not part of the plan I was just born to die and rot on the inside of my stomach is full I take another pull spill the swill in my body until I can tolerate the glares from the others

That's how I deal with my problems I cannot live in the conscious realm with you, as much as I'd love to

Can't place no blame on anybody when I feel Satan creep up on me so dearly really want him near me I need a friend I can summon whenever who will kill at will

That's how I'll fill up my conscious I never spoke to the big man in my youth now I can't deal with my problem I cannot live in this vicious world with you, as much as I'd love to

Oh yeah now I can see the sky above me tear open I never had this much fun in my previous lives
Track Name: Heavy Rips
Blown out in flavor town now take some heavy rips with me sleeping up in the vapor floating free of irony

Am I what I huff in my mouth if I was I'd be a cloud of a beer and bean burrito everyone's laughing now

Even when I'm with my friends open eyes in back of heads I can never enjoy anything in public till all the hipsters are dead

I thought it was cool to do the things you like but I guess that's up to you tonight ok I caved I bought a pack when I got drunk at the punk show I guess that means I have low self-esteem it would seem so